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Plate Steel

K&B Machining, Inc. has partnered with several outside processing companies to provide a wider scope of capabilities to their customers.  We can now quote our customer’s needs with parts that have to be done out of plate steel.

Customer Portal and ERP System

Allows Customers to View the Status of their Parts and Review Shop Inventory 


Through K&B Machining, Inc.'s state of the art Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP), our customers have the ability to access the status of their jobs at any time every step of the way.

Our customer portal will allow customers to access K&B's inventory items to see what is available for purchase without having to pay for large batch sizes. This will lower the cost of lower quantity items.  Our customers will also have access to items that have been quoted as well as their quantity breakdowns, invoicing, shipping, mtr’s, and all business done by K&B and each customer.  Access is protected by a unique username and password that customers can obtain by calling the office and talking to one of our friendly staff.  

With a customer-inventory management agreement, our customers can access the inventory levels of their products K&B Machining, Inc. is holding and see what is available for release.  We strive to ensure none of our customer's lines go down because of confusion regarding which parts are ready to ship.



Coating is available for all specs.


Centerless Grinding - Up to 4"
Surface Grinding - 30"x72"
Cylindrical Grinding -
Up to 48" Long, 48" Diameter

Heat Treating

We offer full service heat treating


We offer full service plate work for all specs.

Our State of the Art Machines

1-2015 HAAS ST-30 Lathe

12’’ 21’’ dia. X 26. 30HP. 3400 RPM. 34.5’’ swing 12 tools turret.

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1-2015 HAAS ST-40 LATHE

15’’ chuck 27’’ x 44’’ turning capacity, 55HP. 2500 RPM. 12 tool turret.

1-2015 HAAS ST-40 Lathe

18’’ chuck 33.5’’ swing, 27’’ x 44’’ turning capacity, 55HP. 2500 RPM. 12 tool turret. 

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1-2011 HAAS VF-2 CNC Mill with 4th Axis Capability

30”x16”x20” XYZ travel. 20HP. 10,000 RPM. 20 position tool changer.

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1-2008 HAAS VF-2SS (Super speed) CNC Mill with 4th Axis Capability

30”x16”x20” XYZ travel. 30HP. 12,000 RPM. 24 position tool changer.

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1-2006 Haas VF-3YT CNC Mill with 4th Axis Capability

40”x26”x25” XYZ travel. 30HP. 7500 RPM. 30 position tool changer. 9” center height. Geared head. 

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1-2005 HydMec S20A Power Production Band Saw

29” shuttle stroke (multiple stroke ability.) 13” maximum diameter. 45 degree miter cutting ability.

1-2004 CNC Haas Mini-Mill

16”x12”x10” XYZ travel. 36”x12” table. 6000 RPM. 10 position tool changer.

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1-2003 Mazak Nexus 250 CNC Lathe

14” maximum machining diameter. 12 tool position turret. 18.700” maximum machining length. 3” maximum bar work capacity. 3.46” spindle bore. 4000 RPM. 10” chuck. Tailstock.

1-2001 HydMec F-10A Power Production Band Saw

13” shuttle stroke (multiple stroke ability.) 10” maximum diameter.


64’’ X 50’’ X 32’’ Axis travel. 4th Axis table cat #50, 6000 max rpm.

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2-2000 Mazak Quick Turn 6G CNC Lathes

5” maximum machining diameter. 1.26” maximum bar work diameter. Fusion 640 programming. 7000 RPM. 1.73” spindle bore diameter. 6 tool position turret.